It is not just about the communication networks,or what server types to use:

it is the ability to slice and dice corporate data in real time.

Data Access from all functional areas, presented in function adapted views.

Infrastructure supported processes and procedures, facilitating a process aligned information flow.


Enabling the essence of the corporation to flow freely and to function with a minimum of friction: rules, data, and processes.

The advanced corporate infrastructure is not a 'one vendor' model any more: the new paradigms are:

  • scalability: from the tower PC under the owner's desk to the S390 cluster, a smooth, uninterrupted growth path without 'forklift upgrades'.

  • flexibility: adjustable to new enterprise needs; this means reusable components and 'container thinking' in the object oriented sense: data and methods; local, global, and inherited rules.

  • business continuance, real time contingency switch-over and switch-back. Current technology, let's not even call it 'modern', enables this safety net. No reason that your enterprise does not have this capability. However, there is no 'one size fits all', no 'magic potion': a solution has to be aligned with your business processes.

  • alignment with business objectives and processes: what counts is not the revenue of one single vendor, but the survival of your enterprise in the force field of international competition.

No need wanting to re-engineer it all at once. The first step is to find out, what your enterprise, small or large, is all about: the baseline.

A next step is to find what kind of architecture you would need: how should an infrastructure look like, that enables your enterprise, is aligned with your objectives, and facilitates your business processes.

From there we can address points that are by then identified as critical inhibitors.

In small steps, one area after the other, starting with the most critical inhibitors, infrastructure alignment is performed: evolution instead of revolution!

The result is a gradual transformation towards an adapted, advanced enterprise infrastructure that enables the modern requirement to all businesses: agility!

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