Full Service Web Hosting with Domain Management, and
Advanced Flash Design

A full service offering for businesses who do not do commerce over the Internet, but wish to have a web presence.

A Web Presence is the ideal form of online marketing to address the modern 'wired' walk-up customer, who may look for your business in your neighborhood:

  • prospect customer using Internet maps to look for your business in the neighborhood or where your prospect customer currently is
  • prospect customer using web enabled mobile technology to pull up web sites of businesses in the area
  • prospect customer going online before going out into a neighborhood for other things, also looking for your line of business
...  one of our Full Service Web Hosting and Domain Management customers is a business owner who himself does not own a computer and never goes online, does not wish to receive 'feedback' or email from his site, but wants to be found in the map neighborhood by his high end clientele...

Service Offering
  • Web Domain Registration and Management - we do it all for you
  • Web Site Design at your direction, flash based, one page with roll-overs and pop-ups as needed. You bring your artwork, we use photo work we do, or royalty free stock material.
    Three automatically served versions (in most cases the server will recognize what kind of browser or access speed is used, and adapt the served site version accordingly): 
    • high bandwidth (full flash), 
    • low bandwidth (reduced flash, or plain html), 
    • mobile browser optimized version (cell phones, pdas, very small screen and/or very low bandwidth access)
  • Web Site Visitor feedback management, if you wish to have any
  • Addition to the three biggest online map services neighborhood listings
  • Site Statistics, site presentation surveillance, monitoring of neighborhood appearance
  • Updates, modifications, additions: maybe later you do wish to add visitor feedback, or an online appointment book, or add a selling capacity: we will go to any length for you.
  • Your email management, if desired, within your own registered domain: e.g., jeff@yourneighborhoodplumber.dot, or  cynthia@theartsofnowshop.dot, as many addresses as you like.

How we do it:

  • redundant hosting: your site is served by two independent high tech computer centers, each by itself providing site backups, uptime guarantees, and internal redundancy
  • round robin DNS makes sure all of your servers are used, and at least one is reachable if the other might be unavailable
  • your site is separate, running on a server by its own, as is your email (if desired)
  • our flash design methodology allows for the efficient creation of individual sites, no two are the same - no corny 'square' layouts
What it costs you:
  • one time setup fee, due at time of order: covers 
    • domain registration, transfer, initialization, 
    • DNS and 
    • site setup, design, photo material creation: one page with roll-overs and pop-ups for standard info: contact, business hours, business summary, specialties and what sets you apart from 'the others', standard fade effects
    • server setup, statistics initialization, reporting, testing and verification
    • adding site to the three biggest online map service neighborhood listings
  • monthly service fee
    • site and neighborhood listing monitoring, 
    • statistics reporting, 
    • status and event reporting
  • yearly domain management fee
    • domain provider monitoring, communication
    • domain renewal if necessary 
This is all you pay, and the only bill you get is from us: we take care of everything

Startup time: two weeks (we do not recommend the 'under construction' startup...  ).

Introductory offer:
    • Startup Fee: $250
    • Monthly Service Fee: $80
    • Yearly Domain Management/Renewal fee: $35

Nittmann Consulting recommends Microsoft® Office 2007

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