Video Conference Systems

  • Small footprint
  • Truly platform independent distribution points
  • Truly platform independent client
  • Fully scalable from small one person business (video broadcasting)
    to large enterprise with multiple distribution points

(some examples.....)

  • classic video broadcasting
    • corporate address, 
    • sales force communication
    • customer bulletins 
    • stock holder briefing
  • video email
    • sales contacts
    • communication
    • technical procedures updates, field upgrade procedures, 
    • insurance agent briefing
    • newsletters
  • video library
    • technical procedures
    • instructional/spiritual messages


  • distribution points
    • large (500+ endpoints), medium, and individual (shared or assigned)
    • from laptop with webcam to sophisticated broadcasting studio
    • quality settings 
    • one outgoing stream only
    • any platform, any OS, any location - a distribution point may be used by geographically separate facilities: yes, you read that right! an office in Atlanta, and one in Ottawa can use the same large enterprise wide distribution point from their facilities: this is important for business continuance designs where you can have your video conferencing at the emergency location - from a laptop to the same audience, nobody will notice the difference - except for the webcam, maybe.
    • any distribution point can be tuned in by any endpoint - laptop, PC, conference room, auditorium.
    • no mandated equipment, usb video stream, any audio - you use yours, or get a nice USB capable camera for your studio, or mix up and feed via USB to the distribution point.
  • end points
    • any platform, any OS, any location (international/transoceanal locations may need a lower quality setting at the distribution point), any time, any size of auditorium: individual, conference room, auditorium, trade show multiple screen systems.
Use the contact form for details, the system is now available in the U.S. and Canada., individual distribution points without live broadcasting are available worldwide (bandwidth and local laws permitting).

See more at mn-marketing .

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